Renew The Look Of Your Carpets Using Bissell Proheat 2x

There are a number of reasons why people use carpets in their homes. They are considered to be an important thing while deciding to renovate a room. Rooms dedicated to the children usually have soft carpets so that they can feel free while crawling on the floor. Various carpet cleaners are available in the market. However, all of them do not give equally good results. Some of the cleaners are used only for specific types of carpets. Woolen carpets cannot be cleaned using moist air or heated vapors. Therefore, a cleaner having ability to clean all types of carpets will be not inferior to a blessing.


Bissell preheat 2X is one of the amazing carpet cleaners that can be used for cleaning a wide range of carpets. It has an internal heater capable of heating water to 250C that is optimized to be used for carpet cleaning. There are various other features that are discussed as follows:

Dual brush rollers – there are two brush rollers attach to the lower end of the cleaner. Functioning of two rollers make it easy for the cleaner to swimmingly roll over the carpet absorbing all the dirt and dust particles in the dust bag present in it. The availability of two brushes takes lesser time for the cleaner to do its duty even on the large sized carpets and rugs.
Versatility – in addition to carpets, the equipment can be used to clean staircase and upholstery.
Stain remover – a stain remover is also present inside the cleaner. This section starts work after vacuum cleaner absorbs all the dirt from the carpet. Stain remover takes preheated water from the water tank and mix soap in an appropriate ratio. The mixture is then thrown over the affected area. After a few minutes, roll the cleaner over it and you will get a neat and stainless carpet surface.
Spraying crevice tool – a tool is preset in the cleaner which is used to apply the soap and throw the water over the carpet surface. This tool automatically adjusts the ratio of soap and water and then sprays it over the required area.
Cleansing formula – a special chemical formula is provided to the clients with the machine. The user must ensure to use this formula rather than using any market soap for getting perfect results.


In order to clean woolen carpets, the automatic heating tool can be switched off. The heater can also be adjusted so that it throws just warm air to the carpet. Hot air at 25 0C must not be used over sensitive carpets as it will burn the fibrous material present on the surface. Switching the heater and the spray off will turn Bissell proheat 2X into a simple vacuum cleaner that can be used for efficient cleaning of woolen surfaces and other carpets made up of sensitive fibers. Rugs can also be cleaned following the same method. One thing must be kept in mind that you must not try to adjust soap to water ratio manually. This will disturb the actual working mechanism of the carpet cleaner.